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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 12, 2019 / Marketing has been going on forever. As time progresses, the forms of marketing change, however, the concept remains the same: draw attention to promote profit. In the past, attention was drawn to companies through word of mouth. The method then converted to newspaper or magazine ads, which quickly transferred to billboards, radio and television. The newest method of marketing is through social media. Companies all over the world are trying to quickly jump over and take advantage of, what is arguable, the most influential medium in the world. Despite the madness and competition, some brands and agencies stand out among the rest. I had the opportunity to meet up with Layne Schmerin, the co-founder of Top Tree Agency, a top tier marketing agency.

As I sat down with Layne, he gave me an understanding of how his agency is not only staying competitive but how it has become one of the leaders of the marketing game. Top Tree started early on as a cannabis company, however as he realized that the campaign strategy his agency created out of necessity served as a strong base for all campaigns he quickly shifted focus. Thus was born Top Tree Agency. ''We saw that we were good at making campaigns and realized we could help so many other companies, so the switch was easy'' Layne explained. The Agency has now worked with major brands such as Advanced Nutrients and Ignite Cannabis. With their social media reach of over 10 million users, they are able to reach virtually any audience.

Like many other pages, @toptree was grown using memes and relatable content. As people saw this content they would tag or share with their friends to get a laugh. With every tag, comment or share the page grew. The audience increased, and soon it was a niche of its own. @toptree, itself, now has over 619k followers. The page is growing by hundreds daily. With this incredible, completely organic, reach, Top Tree Agency is able to make marketing campaigns of any size for any audience.

Not only does Top Tree have the reach and foundation to create marketing campaigns, they also have the patience and talent. ''We treat each client as their own entity. We make a personalized plan and guide them each step of the way'' Layne explained. This personalization has the ability to make any client feel comfortable trusting the agency. The complete transparency that Top Tree promises is exactly what companies need when they actually want to grow and gain engagement.

We are currently living in an era in which marketing can be used to convince people to do anything. Brands and Agencies are using social media to monetize everything. The wave is moving quickly, however, through calibrated growth and meticulous personalization, Top Tree Agency remains one of the biggest competitors in the marketing industry.

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SOURCE: Mentionworth Media

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