Sat, 09 Dec 2023

TrustLaunch, a pioneering decentralized launchpad, is set to transform the landscape of crypto project launches. Unlike other platforms, TrustLaunch offers secure and stable launches for developers, while also providing early access and bonus rewards for investors. With TrustLaunch, users can trust in the platform's commitment to transparency, security, and innovation.

TrustLaunch - Secure, Rewarding, Unbeatable

Unstable launches have plagued the crypto industry, causing frustration and mistrust among developers and investors alike. TrustLaunch aims to fix these issues by providing a platform that guarantees secure and stable launches for crypto developers. With TrustLaunch, developers can focus on their projects' success without worrying about technical glitches or vulnerabilities.

Investors also benefit from TrustLaunch's unique offerings. In addition to early access at the lowest prices, investors receive bonus rewards as pre-launch fills up. TrustLaunch ensures that investors have every opportunity to participate in promising projects from the outset, giving them a competitive advantage in the market.

'TrustLaunch - We're not PinkSale. We're Better,' says the TrustLaunch team confidently. "TrustLaunch is dedicated to delivering on its promises and setting a new standard for crypto project launches."

TrustLaunch provides a comprehensive suite of services to support successful token launches, including launchpad creation, marketing support, private sales, and token lock options. By prioritizing transparency, security, and innovation, TrustLaunch has become the go-to platform for crypto projects looking to achieve token success.

What sets TrustLaunch apart from other launchpads is its unique features and commitment to community involvement. TrustLaunch implements a voting system that allows community members to have a say in each project's success. This voting system fosters accountability and transparency, empowering investors to be part of the decision-making process.

Projects that prioritize stability and security can earn the prestigious Trust tag on TrustLaunch. By locking liquidity for over 10 years and having 95% of their tokens locked, projects demonstrate their long-term commitment to success. The Trust tag signifies to investors that these projects are trustworthy and less likely to engage in malicious or fraudulent activities.

TrustLaunch streamlines the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for project owners. While implementing a strict KYC procedure to prevent fraud, TrustLaunch offers an automated KYC process that is cost-effective and efficient. This ensures compliance with regulations while minimizing the burden on project owners.

TrustLaunch has also developed a smart algorithm that determines which projects will trend on the platform. By considering factors such as votes, Trust Tags, buy volume, KYC and Audit badges, SAFU badges, and DOXX badges, TrustLaunch maximizes the visibility of projects and increases their chances of attracting a wider audience.

Token Utility

With TrustLaunch, staking your token means more than just holding onto it. By staking your TrustLaunch token, you become a part-owner of the platform and receive a share of its daily revenue. 5% of the business's revenue is distributed to token holders who have staked their tokens, providing them with daily dividends. This not only adds value to your token holdings but also gives you the opportunity to share in the success of TrustLaunch and enjoy the benefits of being a part-owner of the platform.

TrustLaunch Coin Tokenomics

The tokenomics for TrustLaunch are as follows:

  • Token Supply: 1 million tokens

  • Buy and Sell Tax: A 1% tax will be applied on all token purchases, and a 2% tax will be applied on all token sales.

  • Team Allocation: 5% of the total token supply will be allocated to the team.

  • Investor Distribution: 95% of the total token supply will be distributed to investors.

  • Staking Rewards: 5% of the company's earnings from the utility will be paid to stakers as dividends.

About TrustLaunch

TrustLaunch is a user-friendly and decentralized launchpad that simplifies the token launch process for crypto projects. With TrustLaunch, anyone can launch their own token and conduct an initial token sale without the need for coding knowledge. TrustLaunch provides a range of services, including launchpad creation, marketing support, private sales, and token lock options, to ensure successful token launches.

TrustLaunch prioritizes transparency, security, and innovation, making it the ideal choice for successful token launches. TrustLaunch is quickly becoming the go-to launchpad for projects looking to bring their token to market.

For more information about TrustLaunch and its services, please visit

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